Alerts Overview


With Alerts you can be notified when something happens or changes instead of needing to repeatedly query for changes. Leaf Alerts support events that happen within Leaf and events that happen within supported 3rd party software.

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks. You send us a server URL (the address of the callback) specifying what things you want to know about so when they do happen, we tell you on that URL, by means of a HTTP request.

Those things are called "events", for example: "there's a new satellite image", "the processing of an operations file finished", or "these credentials expired".

The following image shows how events are sent to your webhook. On the left, its the representation of a webhook registration. On the right, a satellite image is processed at any time, then the webhooks system sends a POST request to the registered webhook.

Field example

Check the "Overview" page of a specific service, section "Events", to know what events from that service are available to webhooks.

See the Alerts API Reference for information on how to register, get and delete webhooks.

To understand how to verify if an incoming request comes from Leaf, see the Authentication section.


In case of alert delivery failures, Leaf Alerts will make new attempts at 1, 30, 60 and 240 minutes.