Machine File Conversion Overview

Leaf's Operation Data API returns clean, aggregated, and standardized data from all major machine data brands in a simple JSON response.

You can access user-permissoned files in two ways:

  1. Connecting to the company that holds your users' files. Our Operation Data Service will immediately pool machine data from the authorized account and monitor new files to keep them updated

  2. Uploading the files directly to Leaf.

requires Leaf User

You will need a Leaf User to retrieve operations images, summary, and standardized files. You can add files by having a Leaf User with valid credentials from the provider you want to access data or you can upload data manually. If you don't have a Leaf User or you have not connected it with any provider yet, see how to create a Leaf User and how to add credentials to a Leaf User for each of the providers.

All files will be passed through a processing chain that includes:

  • Converting raw proprietary format files to a rawGeojson;
  • Standardizing the rawGeojson to a standardGeojson;
  • Creating images for all the numerical attributes in the file;
  • Creating a summary of the file with summary information, such as averages, standard deviations, maximum and minimum values for important properties, and more. This summary is usually used to have general information about the operation without the need to download and open the standardGeojson file. For example, you can display the area of the operation, how much was harvested and the date it happened, all without opening big files.

This processing may take a few minutes to complete and happens continuously in the background.

Since one single operation can be represented in several (sometimes hundreds of) files by the provider, this service also provides an auto-merge feature, which will identify files that belong to the same operation (planting, for example) and same field and automatically merge them into a new file.

Alternatively, it is possible to manually upload files to be processed and merge them manually if desired. Please keep in mind that merging files is processing-heavy and may take about 20 minutes to finish.

Merging operation files with Leaf

Learn more about how to merge files into operations in our blog

When manually uploading (in a zip), you can select which provider the files inside the zip came from. If you are unsure or you know that there are files from more than one provider, Leaf can automatically detect, detach and process each file.

Currently, Leaf is able to (detect and) process files from the following providers and formats:

  • John Deere:
    • Gen 4
    • GS3
    • Shapefile
    • ADM (Adapt Data Format)
  • Climate Field View:
    • .dat (Climate Field View proprietary)
    • Shapefile
  • CNHi
    • .cn1
    • Shapefile
  • Trimble
    • .agt (Trimble proprietary)
    • Shapefile
  • AgLeader
    • SMS Shapefile export
    • .YLD
    • .agdata
    • .ilf
  • Precision Planting (beta)
    • .2020
  • Stara
File processing

We are always improving our processing. If you have any doubts or suggestions, we will be happy to help at

We also provide our Leaf Postman collection so you can follow along easily.