Field Operations Overview

Start with machine file conversion

Before continuing with operations, make sure to go through Machine File Conversion first


Leaf operations provide a way to get unified, consistent and standardized data from tasks (planting, tillage, application and harvest) performed in a given field, across all the provider(s) you integrate. For all operations processed through Leaf, you will receive:

  • A standardGeoJson
  • Filtered GeoJson (if enabled)
  • Relevant images of the operation (if enabled)
  • File summary

Leaf automatically processes operation files and merges them into field operations. You can find more information on how to extract operations data through the Operations endpoint page.


  • The process of creating operations starts at Machine File Conversion so please make sure you read and understand the conversion process before continuing.
  • You MUST have field boundaries in order to create operations.
  • It is important to set up configurations to ensure you customize your setup to your needs.
  • Also, alerts should be set up (webhooks) to ensure that you are notified when there are updates to your data and that data processing is finished.