Provider Authentication Overview


By the end of this section, the objective is to successfully authenticate your application and link provider credentials to Leaf, enabling you to start integrating standardized data from major agricultural providers. Ultimately you’ll want your customers to be able to integrate their (user-permissioned) data from their providers into your application. So in order to set this up at the user level, you’ll need to attach the user token from the provider to the Leaf User.

TIP: Once you get to the stage of building the user authentication UI for your customers integrating their providers, we recommend using our pre-built Leaf Link widget.

Provider authentication process with Leaf

Each data provider's authentication flow is slightly different. Please refer to the tutorials below for the steps:

This authentication flow has to be done only once in most cases. Leaf will manage the tokens and refresh them when needed.

Provider credentials endpoints

For more details about provider credentials endpoints, see below for:

Also, we recommend use our Providers Integrations Resources endpoint to debrief the ingested resources from the authenticated account. With the Providers Integrations Resources, you can access all the relevant information between the authentication and the processing of your resources ingested into Leaf's API. The resource summary gives you more visibility on what and how many resources are being processed.

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