General Setup Information


All endpoints that return a list of resources are paginated. You can select the size of the page and which page to get by using the query parameters size and page.

  • size - Defines the size of the page. Defaults to 20. Max size is 100.
  • page - Defines which page to fetch, considering each page has size elements. The first page is page 0. Defaults to 0.

Date format

All the dates follow ISO 8601 format. Specifically, all the dates should be in the format "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSSSS'Z'".

File archiving

Be default, our API archive the files to a slower storage after 180 days without access. The file will be available again only upon a support request.

File size

Currently, our API have a 3 gigabytes limit for file uploads. This is applied in the file upload endpoint

Error codes

ServiceEndpointMessageHTTP StatusReason
Field OperationsUpload a fileBad Request400The uploaded file is bigger than 3 GB