Leaf User Overview


For Leaf to be able to access, process and return standardized files from providers, you first need to create a ‘Leaf User’, which you’ll later connect to your customers’ preferred data provider(s).

What is a Leaf user?

  • A Leaf User provides a way to keep your customers' data organized under your API owner. You'll attach 3rd party credentials to these entities.
  • A Leaf User is equivalent to a customer/grower account.
  • The same Leaf User/grower can integrate with multiple providers via a user-authentication process for each provider.
Leaf user

Where to next?

If integrating a provider via Leaf’s API

Once you’ve created a Leaf User (after setting up configurations and alerts), proceed to provider authentication. There we will show you how to integrate a provider and attach the provider credentials to your Leaf User so you can start receiving standardized data via Leaf.

If implementing manual file upload

If you’re looking to implement manual file upload functionality for thumb drive data, click here next.

Need more guidance? Contact us at help@withleaf.io.